Expressive Arts Therapy

Art therapy has a variety of benefits for people of all ages, and does not require any skill or special characteristics on behalf of the patient – it can actually be most helpful for people who haven’t touched a crayon since kindergarten! It is another modality that has scientific evidence for psychological healing. Art therapy helps you to process and express emotions in a non-verbal way – an opportunity we don’t get nearly enough in our culture of words.

Creating art stimulates often woefully underutilized parts of the brain, and demands that the brain approach problems differently. Clients may notice improvements in self-esteem, coping ability, and cognitive and motor function, among other areas. While this approach can be utilized with anyone, I hypothesize that people who have tried therapy before and found themselves “stuck” may be particularly good candidates, as it will engage your mind in new ways – often the impetus for the mind to emerge from its own quicksand.